KatKut Group came into business several years ago and today we are recognized globally in the Agro Sector and Medical-Health Sector which we are becoming a giant with our unsurpassed quality.

The KATKUT brand has become the industry leader in the Agro-Industry, Disposable Medical equipment and Face Mask industry.

We also produce and supply various ranges of veterinary medicines, vitamins.

In addition, the company produces and Distributes high-quality face  Masks (3PLY, FFP2 / FFP3 / KN95 / N95), Disposable Syringes and Needles, and other items.

Our company also Supplies and Distributes various 3M brand of Masks.

Not only do we try to understand the needs of each of our clients in order to provide them a taylored made solution to each of their needs individually, We also provide credit / Financing opportunity to our returning, long time clients who in one way or the other are not able to finance their next Purchase.

Over the year we have seen too many fake / Unserious buyers, or Middlemen claiming to be buyers, therefore we are very diligent and strict when it comes to with whom we choose to sell to, or to do business with.

We are in the front line with our numerous range of products with helping to fight the COVID-19 Pandemic ravaging the world today.