KatKut Gubyn Group started its business several decades ago and today this name is recognized around the world in the Agro Sector and Medical-Health Sector. Disposable medical and non-medical products became the main product of the company and immediately distinguished themselves in the market for their unsurpassed quality. The KatKut brand has become the industry leader in the Agro Industry, Medical Glove and Face Mask industry, and also one of the first to launch examination gloves during the global HIV epidemic.

Today the  company customers are offered the gloves from various materials:

– classic latex gloves of the highest quality;

– anti-allergenic nitrile gloves;

– affordable anti-allergenic vinyl gloves.

In addition, the company produces high-quality face  Masks( 3PLY, FFP2 / FFP3 / KN95 / N95), Disposable medical clothing and patient care products.

Our company Supplies and Distributes various 3M brand of Masks.

Thanks to a wide range of products, KatKut products are now used in the most expensive private clinics and in public hospitals around the world.

Over the years, customers of the company have appeared in almost all cities of Europe, in South and North America, Africa, Asia and even in Australia. In 2011 Katkut became the owner of the block of shares in the largest producer of medical supplies – the French company Kolmi-Hopen Group. This, in turn, significantly increased the range of products that Katkut can offer today

In 2010 Medicom opened a filial in Ukraine – and in conjunction with Katkut-Group. During this time, thousands of customers from all cities of the country have already been able to check the quality of their products. SafeTouch gloves, Face Masks, disposable clothes,disposable shoe covers, melt blown non-woven materials, rolls and bags for sterilization are very popular among medical workers, employees of beauty salons, food and pharmaceutical industries and other specialists. A large range of products and a wide price range allow each client to purchase Katkut products and actively use them in their daily work.

In 2017, Katkut-Ukraine received a certificate of conformity of a quality management system that meets the requirements of the DSTU ISO 13485: 2005 standards “Medical devices. Quality management systems. Regulation requirements” (ISO 13485: 2003, IDT). After passing an audit by an Authorized Certification Institute, Katkut-Ukraine LLC received an updated certificate of conformity of the ISO 13484: 2016 Quality Management System “Medical devices – Quality management system – Requirement for regulatory purposes” and DSTU ISO 13484: 2018 Medical Products. Quality management system. Regulation requirements (EN ISO 13484: 2016, IDT; ISO 13484: 2016, IDT).